Virgin Australia travel restrictions for New Zealand

AUSTRALIA: Travel restrictions for British Virgin Islands residents were lifted after the death of a British tourist.

Virgin Australia has confirmed the change, which allows tourists to travel without a passport, as a result of a request from the British government.

The announcement comes after the family of David Willets appealed to authorities in New Zealand to ease restrictions.

The New Zealand government said the decision was made in consultation with local authorities, which are responsible for the island’s safety.

Virgin said in a statement that it would “continue to work closely with authorities in their response to the family’s request”.

AUSTRALIAN RESTAURANTING BRIEFING Virgin Australia is inviting customers to its restaurants to offer them a discount on drinks, snacks and meals after a British Virgin Island resident died.

The company said it was “deeply saddened” by the news.

Virgin Australia is in the process of contacting local authorities in the New Zealand and Australian jurisdictions to provide more information.

“The company will continue to work with authorities to provide any information that may assist in their investigation,” it said.

British Virgin Islands travel restrictions The British Virgin Isles has a population of around 5,500 people.

A new British Virgin Islanders travel restriction has been introduced to the mainland of the island.

Passengers who are from the Isle of Man or the Isle the British Virgin islands will be required to leave the island before flying to another destination.

Those travelling from the mainland will also need to leave a valid passport and hold a non-domicile visa, according to Virgin.

They will also have to declare the amount of alcohol they have consumed.

VIP lounges will now only be available on the island and not on the mainland.

In the meantime, Virgin Australia said it would make arrangements to make reservations for passengers from other British Virgin Islands.

‘Our hearts are broken’ Virgin Australia chief executive officer Peter Smith said the company was “shocked and saddened” at the news of the British tourist’s death.

Mr Smith said Virgin was providing all the information the family was seeking.

He said the airline had already “worked closely with the British authorities to help facilitate their review”.

“We’re deeply saddened by this news, and our hearts are with the family in their time of grief,” he said.

“Our airline’s team will continue its full support of their family during this difficult time.”

The airline has been working with the police, immigration authorities, the local health service and other local authorities to ensure that travellers from the island are able to travel.

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