‘A great way to save money’ for travelers heading to Wisconsin

By now you’ve probably heard that the state of Wisconsin is experiencing a shortage of hotels in the wake of a severe winter storm that hit in December.

While some travelers are already planning their vacation, some are going into hibernation mode and opting for cheaper options. 

One such hotel option is the Oliver Travel Trailer.

It’s a three-story trailer designed for travel with two people in the back and a second in the front.

The trailer is priced at $2,800 per night and includes a full breakfast, coffee, hot water and a full bar.

Oliver also offers two suites that can be reserved for up to five guests.

The first suite comes with an open floor plan and a bed that sleeps two, while the second suite is for two and a half people. 

If you’re interested in booking the Oliver Truck, it can be yours for just $1,300.

If you want to book the truck in person, it costs $2 for two nights, $1.50 for three nights and $1 per night thereafter. 

The price difference is a good deal for travelers looking to get home and avoid spending money on flights or hotels.

The truck will arrive at your destination in about four days, and will be on-site for up-to-four weeks.

You can reserve the truck at Oliver’s website, or contact them directly at 866-891-8930.

The trailer is located in Wauwatosa, which is about 40 miles south of Milwaukee.

It will be available to rent from August 11 to October 16.