National security travel ban is a bad idea, says former NSA analyst

Former NSA director Michael Hayden said the U.S. should not “make the same mistake” as its allies.

| Getty Hayden says Trump’s executive order is “wrong” and “a waste of time” article Former Director of National Intelligence Michael Hayden says the Trump administration’s executive travel ban will hurt the U.”s national security interests and will be “a huge waste of money.

“| Getty The former NSA director says it’s “a big mistake” for the Trump White House to keep a ban on Muslims from entering the U, and that the U should consider the impact of banning citizens from certain countries.

| AP The former director of national intelligence says Trump “has the ability to create an emergency and put this in place, but he hasn’t.”

| AP Hayden says that the executive order “is wrong” and a “disaster” for America.

| US News, “Former NSA Director: Executive Order on Muslim Travel Ban ‘Wrong’ and ‘Gutless.'”

| AP Former NSA Director Michael Hayden tells AP: The U.s. should consider banning citizens of certain countries from entering its borders.

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| USNews, “Trump orders travel ban to be lifted in 12 days, citing ‘grave national security threats.’

” | Reuters, “U.S., Britain to cancel travel bans, suspend visa procedures for Trump: