How to get around Pennsylvania travel restrictions

Travel sites in Pennsylvania are advising travelers to stay away from places like the city of Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania’s largest metropolitan area.

In a warning posted to its website, the Travel Information Agency said people in areas with “high crime rates and high unemployment” will not be allowed into Pennsylvania.

“We recommend people not to travel to places like Pittsburgh, Lancaster, Bucks, and Chester,” the travel agency said.

“You may need to change your plans to avoid the area.”

The agency advised people to avoid Pittsburgh, which is one of the nation’s biggest cities, and Lancaster and Bucks counties, which are among the nation, largest counties and the region’s largest cities.

The travel advisory comes after the Pennsylvania Department of Public Safety issued a travel advisory for people from the affected counties.

It is the second such warning issued by the state.

The DPS says people from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, are banned from entering the county.