Aussie tourists’ nightmare: Why you can’t go to Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra without a visa

Aussie travellers have had to face the terrifying prospect of never visiting Australia’s four main cities.

In some cases, Australians have been forced to leave the country after being told they were not eligible for a visa.

Some travellers have even been denied a visa after having their passport cancelled and their visa cancelled again because their visas were issued for a different country.

The Government has been forced into taking drastic action in some cases as a result of the visa overstays scandal.

On Thursday, the Federal Government introduced new legislation that will make it an offence for a person to go to Australia without a valid visa and then return.

Under the new legislation, anyone who does so faces a fine of up to $100,000.

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton has previously warned that the law will be used to prevent visa overstay and visa cancellation.

“If you go out and you come back, it’s an offence to go back, so we’re taking a look at that, but we’re not going to do anything to restrict the ability of Australians to go out to Australia,” he said in a press conference in November.

Mr Dutton says he has not given up hope of making changes to the law.

But he says it will be a long road ahead.

There are already concerns about the impact of the new laws on the travel of Australians with family and close contacts in other countries.

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