Mexico’s Mexico City Airport to close due to increased traffic

Mexico City’s international airport will shut down for two days starting on Saturday, following a surge in traffic as more people arrive in the country for the World Cup.

The airport in the capital, Mexico City, is the second busiest international airport in Mexico and has a capacity of more than 3 million people, according to government data.

On Tuesday, the airport’s operator said it was closing due to the growing number of visitors and people trying to make the long trip from the U.S. to the tournament.

The official Twitter account for the airport said in a tweet that it would close on Saturday because of “increased traffic” and because of a “congestion of passengers, passengers and equipment.”

The tweet did not specify the number of passengers or the types of vehicles.

Mexican authorities are trying to cut traffic as the country gears up for the tournament, which kicks off Thursday in Mexico City.

A government official in the southern city of Guadalajara told reporters Tuesday that the government would close the airport because it would not be able to cope with the additional traffic.

“We have an increased traffic at the airport, and we will shut the airport down,” said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to discuss the situation publicly.

“The problem is not that we have a traffic problem, it is that the air traffic is too big.

We cannot cope with that.”

Mexico City, Mexico, June 12, 2018An official with the Mexico City Municipal Administration said Tuesday that a “large amount of traffic” is expected at the Mexico International Airport.

A Mexican official said the airport will close on Friday, the same day that the World Health Organization said the country is experiencing a pandemic.

A second official, however, said the traffic issue was not a problem for the international airport and that the airport would not close.

The official said Mexico City had increased the number and number of flights per day.

Mexico City’s airport has been operating at a standstill since March 15 due to a “serious traffic problem” that has pushed up air passenger traffic, said Mexico’s aviation authority, the Mexican Civil Aviation Authority.

The agency said on its Twitter feed that the agency would close its offices at the international terminal.

“There are still many problems and we are not able to solve them all,” the Twitter account said.

“We are doing everything we can to solve this issue and to reduce the number (of flights).”

Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto announced last month that Mexico was shutting down the airport and canceling its flights, and said the city would shut down its airport on the first of June.

He blamed the spike in traffic on the U,S.

presidential election in the U of S.

The announcement was criticized by the airport authority, which said the decision to close the terminal was not linked to the World Rugby World Cup, which is being held in Mexico.

The World Rugby event is scheduled to take place in Mexico, but the Mexican government canceled the event in April because of the pandemic outbreak.

In addition to the U-23 and U-20 teams competing in the tournament that starts June 11, the U16 and U20 sides also will play in Mexico as well.

The U.N. has estimated that more than 1 million people have died in the pandemics since January.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.