How to get your travel plans approved for travel to and from Canada’s new Zika virus quarantine

Travelers heading to and fro Canada are advised to be on the lookout for travel restrictions as the country’s government has lifted its restrictions on travel to the country from the continental United States and the Caribbean islands.

The travel ban has been lifted from the United States, and the U.S. travel ban was set to go into effect on Wednesday.

Canada, however, has not lifted its travel restrictions from the US, and travelers from other countries, including Mexico and South America, will be affected.

“Travelers visiting Canada from other states may not travel to Canada unless they have valid visas or other visas that meet the requirements of the Canadian government,” a Canadian government statement says.

“Canada will not be able to grant travel documents to individuals from countries where travel is prohibited under the Travel Ban or other related measures.”

The travel ban applies to flights from six countries, which include the United Kingdom, Mexico, Canada, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and the United Republic of Tanzania.

There are also restrictions for travelers from South Korea and the Philippines.

A U.K.-based travel advisory for Canadian travelers, released on Monday, said people are urged to check in to their flight at the airport before boarding.

“There is no guarantee that any airline will allow you to travel to any of these destinations,” it said.

Travelers who have already flown to Canada from the U,S., the Caribbean, Europe and Australia can check in online, the travel advisory said.

Those arriving in Canada from all the above countries can also check in by phone at 1-800-819-9777 or via the web at

The Canadian government also released an online form that allows anyone who has already arrived in Canada to apply for a travel document for themselves.

This is a very simplified form that is not as specific as you might expect.

It is basically a form that you fill out and then your name is printed on it and then you fill in your travel documents online.

This allows you to get a passport number, you have the option to fill in an expiry date, and you have to wait for a response from the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAT) before you can apply for an extension.

The process can take up to a week to complete, the Canadian Ministry of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness said.