#USTravelAlert: Vermont airport in the path of a storm warning

Travel Channel, Inc. reports that a storm threat has been issued for Vermont, Mont., as the city nears its first storm of the season.

The threat comes just a few hours after the National Weather Service issued a storm watch for Vermonters on Wednesday.

The storm threat is not mandatory, but is a sign that the weather system may be moving over Vermont and other areas, according to Travel Channel.

The weather service is warning that a strong, gusty wind and thunderstorm will hit Vermont on Thursday.

The storm could bring heavy rain and damaging wind gusts, with gusts up to 65 mph.

Weather.com also reports that the National Guard is assisting with Vermont’s evacuation orders.

Weather Underground reports that Vermont is one of several communities in northern Montana that are under a mandatory evacuation order.

Travel Channel reported that the Vermont City Council approved a voluntary evacuation order last month after it learned that the threat was “extremely real.”

Vermont officials have been asking residents to leave, but residents are being urged to stay inside.

The city has been under mandatory evacuation orders since last August.

The town has been dealing with severe weather for several days.

The National Weather Services office in Montrose, about 50 miles south of Vermont city, issued a severe weather advisory for Vermette and surrounding communities on Tuesday.

The advisory said winds of 50 to 70 mph could gust to 70-80 mph in the area.

Weather Channel reported earlier this week that a powerful storm surge was predicted for Vermillion, Montana, after a heavy rainstorm left many communities in the state under a two-foot flood watch.

“The National Weather service issued a strong storm surge advisory in Vermont,” Travel Channel said in its report.

“A storm surge of 2-4 feet is possible over Vermettes town of about 50,000 people.

Vermettte is located about 50 mi northeast of St. Helena.

A storm surge warning is in effect for Vermeterte and Vermetts other towns.

The Vermont Weather Service said there could be up to 1-2 feet of water at the surface in Vermetten and the surrounding areas, the highest such hazard.

Weather Watch said a storm surge watch is in place for Vermuntte, Vermetta, Vermont Town, Vermillion and other towns in Montana.

Vermont has also been under a storm advisory since November, which also affected many communities across the state.

WeatherWatch reported that Vermetto, Vermond and Vermont are also under a watch for a potential tornado threat.

This is the third time this season that Vermont has seen a tornado.

The tornado that hit Vermete in August 2016 killed one person and injured dozens.