‘This is our nation’s capital, not Toronto’

The Federal Government has imposed a nationwide travel ban on all flights to the US and Canada from Friday.

It will affect all passengers, except those travelling to Washington, D.C., where the US is based.

“Travel restrictions on the US are now in effect.

This is our country’s capital and not Toronto,” Federal Transport Minister Darren Chester said on Friday.

“We are taking a stand for the safety of our citizens, and this is our decision.”

In total, US-bound flights to Canada will be restricted to three days per week for two weeks from Friday, March 5, until Friday, April 5.

This will include American Airlines and Delta Airlines.

The restrictions are in addition to the federal government’s restrictions that apply to all US travellers.

Passengers travelling to the D.O.C. will also be barred from all flights.

The Government will announce additional restrictions for flights to Australia and New Zealand from Friday and Saturday, April 6.

American Airlines and JetBlue are among the companies that have said they are cancelling American and Jet Blue flights to and from the US.

British Airways said it would not fly from D.A. on Saturday.

Delta said it was postponing the first leg of a scheduled American Airlines flight from New York to Atlanta.

United Airlines and American Airlines are also suspending flights to D.D. and Los Angeles.

Dates of suspension vary by airline.

Other airlines are not suspending flights. 

American Airlines said that passengers from Canada and the D