How to make a quick stop in Paris for $60,000+

Famed travel agent Chris Stapleton was once again able to snag a ride from the streets of Paris for less than $60k, as he and his business partner were able to secure an Airbnb space for a couple of days last week.

After the flight from London, the pair booked a rental for a two-night stay in Paris on Wednesday night.

After two days of sleeping in Paris, the hotel’s room rate was $738 per night.

That was before Stapler’s business partner, Chris Thomas, made a stop at a restaurant, where he discovered an Airbnb listing for a four-bedroom apartment in the city’s poshest district of Neuilly-sur-Seine.

Thomas was able to make the trip to Paris, as the Airbnb booking had just expired.

Stapletons Airbnb was just a few days old, and he had yet to book a room in Paris.

The Airbnb listing was advertised to stay at a “private property” in Paris’ 10th arrondissement, which is one of the most expensive areas in Paris and has the highest rate of Airbnb rentals in the country.

Thomas and Staplettos Airbnb was in the process of getting its rental listed on the popular booking platform, but they were told the listing was already closed by the time they left Paris.

Thomas told Mashable he was not concerned about the Airbnb listing being closed by Airbnb, but was disappointed to learn the Airbnb website had been hacked by hackers.

“The idea of having someone take down a website is pretty outrageous,” Thomas said.

“You don’t want to give up a website to do something like that.”

According to Thomas, the hacker had not made off with any personal information and had used a fake email address and password to access the Airbnb information.

Thomas said he contacted Airbnb about the hack, but the company has yet to provide him with a comment on the incident.

Airbnb did not immediately respond to Mashable’s request for comment.

Thomas also said that the Airbnb listings he saw in Paris were legitimate and that Airbnb is notifying the people who posted them of any possible changes to their listings.

Airbnb does not have an official policy against hosting websites for illegal activity, and Stashleton did not comment on whether the listings on his Airbnb account were hosted by Airbnb.

Stapleton said he did not want to get into the business of selling people out of Paris, but he hopes his experience with Airbnb will help others.

“I hope that this kind of thing will make people think twice before trying to do the same thing,” Staplemont said.