Flights to and from UK to Germany banned as part of travel ban

A new travel ban is in effect for the United Kingdom and the rest of the European Union.

The travel ban was first announced in the UK on Thursday.

The new rules apply to travelers who are citizens of the countries named in the new rule.

They are in place to protect British citizens, who are currently exempt from the travel ban.

There are two different categories of travelers to be affected: The first is people who have been convicted of terrorism-related offenses.

This category includes people who are known to be planning attacks on British soil.

The second category includes any person who is not a British citizen who has been convicted, but is not on any travel or immigration detention orders, of terrorism offenses or related convictions.

The United Kingdom has also banned citizens of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and the United Arab Emirates from traveling to the UK.

The U.K. has not yet announced a list of other countries that will be affected by the new travel restrictions.

The ban was issued after President Donald Trump said that he would not recognize any new countries joining the bloc if they did not comply with the U.N. ban.

On Friday, the United Nations announced that it had agreed to provide $1 billion in aid to countries that do not comply.

“The UK is a key global destination for some of the world’s most skilled and talented people, and it is right to maintain this level of protection for its citizens and visitors alike,” said Ambassador Nikki Haley.

“We hope that our partners will continue to honour the rule of law, respect the sovereignty of the UK, and abide by the U