What you need to know about travel restrictions on coronaviruses

More than three months after Australia announced a series of travel restrictions to keep coronaviral transmission under control, it’s now clear many Australians still haven’t been warned about the restrictions.

What we know about coronaviru restrictions:The restrictions include banning the travel of all travellers from the three Western Australia states of Victoria, South Australia and Queensland.

But that’s just a partial list of restrictions, because some of the restrictions are more general.

We’re still in a phase where we have not been fully informed about the specific restrictions and it’s important we do know,” Mr Morrison said.”

So we will be releasing further information as it becomes available, and we want to make sure people know as well.

“The Commonwealth Health Minister, Peter Dutton, told ABC radio that restrictions were not linked to coronaviroids.”

I can confirm the Commonwealth Health Department has not been contacted by the Federal Government regarding travel restrictions affecting coronavires,” he said.

The travel restrictions are in place despite a major coronavid outbreak which has already affected more than 3,500 people and killed at least 8,400.

Some Australians have taken advantage of the travel restrictions and are still waiting to see if they are lifted.

The restrictions have prompted some Australians to take the decision to stay home or even take their own lives.

Aucklanders have taken the extraordinary step of driving back home to Auckland from Sydney and Victoria, to make the journey again.

New Zealanders are travelling to Melbourne and Adelaide.

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has warned the restrictions could affect the coronavira vaccination rates.”

We are also aware of the impact that these travel restrictions will have on the availability of coronavire vaccine and the effectiveness of vaccines to treat the disease,” she said.

Queenland has already announced a reduction in the number of vaccines it will distribute for coronavrio.

But the government says it will not make changes to the vaccination schedules in the event of a pandemic, which would be the case if a pandora struck the world.”

The Queensland Government is committed to vaccinating the population, including those who choose to travel to Australia,” Ms Palaszecki said.ABC/ReutersTopics:infectious-diseases-other,vaccines-and-immunity,disease-control,travel-health-and