Which of Canada’s Defense Travel Systems can be trusted to deliver the best value?

The Defense Travel System’s performance and service standards are often criticized, but the company’s reputation has been a key selling point.

The Defense Systems Limited (DSL) unit is a subsidiary of the Canadian defence industry that manufactures and sells military-style uniforms and equipment to military forces in Canada and the United States.

Its sales to Canada are valued at more than $2.8 billion in the first quarter of this year, and are expected to increase further in the future.

While the DSL has proven its reliability and value proposition, the company has faced some criticism for not having a proper process for quality control and customer service.

Here are some of the more common complaints from those who have used the service.

“This is the worst system I’ve ever used,” one customer said on Twitter.

“The uniform is very expensive, the materials are inferior, the shipping was subpar, and I can’t get my order done.”

Another customer on Twitter said, “If you need a replacement I will say you’re getting ripped off.”

In an article for the Canadian newspaper The Canadian Press, another customer said, “[The DSL] seems to be a service with a price tag that is way too high for what they are providing.”

Another commenter on a DSL customer service forum said, The price of my uniform is too high.

I’m not even sure if they can keep it!

They should be selling me something like this at the current market price.

A customer on the service forums pointed out that the Dsl website only gives prices based on “a one-year contract,” meaning the company is unable to guarantee that the price of their uniform is within a certain range.

One customer complained that the company does not provide “the full set of customer service materials” to help with customer service issues.

“I would love to have a full set, but if you get the DSS in-store you can get it there for $150,” he said.

“So they’re not really offering a whole lot of customer support to my face.”

In response, a DSN spokesperson said the company works hard to make sure the quality of its uniform is always up to date, and to provide customers with all the right information, including the cost of shipping, for their orders.

“We have a quality assurance team that has reviewed all our uniforms and the quality is always checked in all of our stores,” the spokesperson said.

The DSN uniform is one of the few major Canadian military uniform lines to make a major investment in manufacturing in Canada, and is also among the most popular.

According to a survey conducted by the Canadian Institute for Strategic Communication (CISCC), DSN was second in the country to Canada’s two largest military-type uniform makers, Air Force Supply Canada (ASCC) and General Dynamics Canada (GDCC).

In the survey, the DSN company was ranked the third best in the world for customer service, and the second best overall, with 85.8 percent of respondents saying they have been satisfied with their service from the DSD.

According of the survey results, DSN ranked first for service standards, second for quality, and third for prices.

DSN also ranks first for customer satisfaction in Canada.

Despite DSN’s reputation, the Canadian military still relies heavily on DSL uniforms for their uniforms, and it is expected that the quality and price of the uniform will continue to be an issue as long as the DSR remains in production.

As the Canadian government ramps up its efforts to modernize its armed forces, a growing number of the military’s uniform lines are being replaced.

In June, the Department of National Defence announced that the new Defence Supply Systems Limited will replace the Canadian Forces’ DSR uniform line with a uniform that is “more consistent with the modern military” and better suited to the Canadian environment.