How to make your own LANCE Travel Trailer

Travel trailers are no longer limited to just the occasional car or truck.

Now, with the arrival of the LANCE, they can be built with a small amount of kit and you can create one for yourself.

The trailer can be customised to your needs, and the built-in electronics make it easy to control and monitor the vehicle.

The LANCE is available in two sizes, but the first comes with a trailer that can carry up to 40kg, while the second is suitable for around 30kg.

The latter version comes with an electric motor for better power and a range of up to 10km (6 miles).

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LANCE Trailer Price: $2,999 (with a 20kg trailer) Weight: 40kg Capacity: 10km Range: up to 5km (4 miles) The Lance is a hybrid vehicle, meaning it can tow and tow with a tractor-trailer or a motorcycle.

However, the trailer is equipped with a battery pack that provides power for the trailer and the trailer itself.

The batteries can last up to 80 days, which is good for a range that is about 1,200km (990 miles).

If you want a trailer to tow more than 80kg (150lbs) then you can use the trailer’s built-up luggage compartment, which provides space for your luggage.

It’s a bit more complicated than that, but if you’re building a smaller trailer, then this can be a good option for the same price.