What you need to know about the Disney-Disney Cruise Line boycott

Passengers will no longer be able to buy Disney-themed merchandise on the Disney Cruise Line and at Disney theme parks.

The decision comes after months of protest by fans and some of Disney’s competitors, which have been boycotting the company since it began selling Disney-branded merchandise in 2014.

Disney, however, has insisted that the boycott is not about the company.

Instead, it is about boycotting a company that makes products that Disney believes are harmful to children.

In a statement issued on Thursday, Disney said it is “aware of the current boycott of the Disney Company and is committed to working with stakeholders to ensure that the Disney brand is not compromised.”

It said that the company has already begun discussing the matter with stakeholders and that it is committed “to working constructively” with the boycott movement.

The boycott was initially led by a small group of high-profile Disney fans and the boycott group Parents Against Disney’s (PASD) members.

The group also released a video on Wednesday showing members of the boycott holding up a sign saying: “No more Disney toys and movies for kids.

No more Disney products.

No More Disney.


After the video was posted, the boycott became a national issue and the hashtag #NoMoreDisney hit #1 on Twitter, a Twitter-like social network that allows users to tag tweets with hashtags.

The #NoMoDisney hashtag has been trending for days on Twitter.

Disney said in a statement on Thursday that it “does not condone boycotts of any company and will not tolerate any kind of discriminatory action by its partners.”

The company said it would take the “necessary steps” to make sure its partnerships with other companies do not suffer.

It also said that its partnership with the California-based San Francisco-based ride-sharing company Uber has been strengthened.

Uber, however has not been affected by the boycott.

Disney is now offering a discount to passengers that will allow them to pick up and drop off their Disney-inspired merchandise at any of its theme parks and theme parks within the United States.

The discount is for “toys and souvenirs, but it does not include Disney-related merchandise or accessories,” the company said in the statement.

The Disney-sponsored merchandise was not included in the Disney Vacation Club and Disney Springs package.

However, the company says its merchandise will be available in the Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Disney Springs, Epcot and Walt Disney World resorts.

It said Disney has added more than 1,000 new merchandise items to the Disney Travel Rewards program.

“We are pleased to partner with Disney on the upcoming Disneyland Resort,” said Jim Hickey, Disney’s vice president of consumer product and marketing, in the company’s statement.

“This partnership will further strengthen our relationships with our partners, as well as create a more inclusive, fair and respectful marketplace for guests and travelers.”

Disney has said it will continue to operate the Disney Theme Parks, Disneyland Resort and Disneyland Resort Resort in Florida and the Walt Disney Studios in California.

In addition, the Disney Parks will continue operating at the Disneyland Resort in California and the Magic Castle in Florida.

Disney has already added about 2,000 Disney-approved items to its online shopping program.