Massachusetts travelers report ‘no-fly’ lists on airlines, travel firms to test

TEXAS— The federal government has temporarily halted travel to and from the United States for all Americans who are on “no-go” lists that were set up by the state of Massachusetts.

Travel firms were notified of the ban on Tuesday, and travel officials have been conducting tests and conducting interviews with potential customers to determine whether they have been affected by the restrictions.

In a statement, Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Scott Bialystock said the agency was “aware of reports of travelers being banned from the U.S. due to the implementation of a list of no-go areas.”

The list, which is administered by the Federal Aviation Authority, is not the same as the lists used by states, so travelers can be subject to different rules than those in their state.

The federal government is not required to keep track of the names and numbers of those on the lists.

The travel bans have been in place for the past few months, and the latest list was issued by the TSA last week.

The TSA has a process to verify that the names are correct.