When California’s road restrictions will kick in

When California became the first state to enact a road ban in 2016, it was a victory for the transportation industry and one that was largely welcomed by residents.

After the ban was imposed, however, California has seen an uptick in accidents on major roadways.

As the first-of-its-kind restrictions take effect, some residents are already wondering what the repercussions of the law will be.

Here are a few things to keep in mind.1.

When you see red, it’s a traffic light2.

If you’re on a narrow or narrow-gauge road, don’t go in your own lane3.

If the traffic lights are red, slow down4.

Drivers are advised to obey traffic laws5.

People who drive on bridges are advised not to drive on them6.

Drivers should be aware of other people on the road7.

Avoid crossing at intersections that are marked with red or amber lights8.

When traveling on a bridge, always slow down to a safe speed9.

You can’t park on a freeway without a parking sign10.

If someone is texting you, don.t pull over and start a conversation11.

Don’t ride your bike on a busy street, unless it’s marked by a white arrow12.

Avoid texting on your phone13.

Don.t drive on a pedestrian island14.

If your phone is stolen, report it to the police15.

If a person is using your phone while driving, stop immediately16.

If somebody is standing on your windshield, don…17.

Don’ t turn left or right in an intersection18.

If people are using your mobile phone while you are driving, don’…19.

If traffic is stopped for a traffic violation, don’.t stop20.

If there is a pedestrian crossing, do not go into traffic21.

Don”t leave the scene of an accident22.

Don”t ride your bicycle while driving23.

Don t ride your skateboard in a crosswalk24.

Don””t park in a public place25.

Don don’t drive your car while driving.

If stopped, don”t stop and wait for the police to clear the intersection to proceed.