China warns US about travel restrictions in Cambodia

A senior Chinese foreign ministry official warned US President Donald Trump on Wednesday that it would take a “massive” military response to curb the spread of the deadly coronavirus in Cambodia.

Cambodia has become the first country in the world to report a rise in coronaviruses and death tolls, with nearly 2,500 cases and over 1,400 deaths reported.

A US State Department official said China was “extremely concerned” over the outbreak and urged Washington to consider all options.

The warning comes a day after Cambodia’s foreign ministry issued a travel warning, warning that travellers and businesses in the country should be vigilant.

The United States has urged countries to cooperate with authorities in the search for the cause of the outbreak, but the country has been reluctant to act, fearing a backlash from China.

The US has said it will provide financial assistance and other assistance to help the Cambodian government contain the outbreak.

The Cambodia-US border has been closed since July to prevent people from travelling to neighbouring Vietnam and Laos.