Which American Airlines flights are affected by the travel ban

Some flights in the United States have been grounded as American Airlines and other airlines try to resume flights to affected countries.

The airlines said they were trying to resume flying to the affected countries Monday after the travel order was lifted, but they did not provide an exact timeline.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security said Monday the United Airlines flights scheduled to fly into the U.K. on Sunday were temporarily grounded due to the ban, but the U,S.

and U.N. agencies are still trying to determine how many flights are still affected.

The government’s aviation officials are also reviewing whether flights from affected airports will be allowed to resume.

The United Airlines spokeswoman, Kate Martin, said in an email that the company was “monitoring and assessing the situation.”

She said the airline’s goal is to have all flights to and from affected countries restored as soon as possible.

The European Union is working to restore some flights, spokeswoman Andrea Sancetta said.