Domestic travel restrictions lifted as Egypt cancels all international flights

Egypt has suspended all international travel and domestic travel for all airlines on Monday, a day after a deadly air crash that killed all six people on board.

The state-run SPA news agency said all domestic and international flights from and to the capital, Cairo, will be cancelled until further notice.

Al Jazeera’s Imran Khan, reporting from Cairo, said the move is part of a larger crackdown on flights that could affect people’s lives.

The ministry has also imposed a ban on all travel from and within the country’s western deserts and the northern Sinai peninsula.

It said it will impose a ban for air-conditioned aircraft, as well as all domestic flights to and from the southern Sinai peninsula and the Red Sea ports of Rafah and Suez.

The travel ban is not a new measure by the government, but it is a first since the unrest began in late April.

“The Egyptian military has not taken any measure against the air, and it’s the first time the military has taken this step,” said Ahmed Al-Sanaoui, a political analyst in Cairo.

Al-Sabaoui said the government is also considering banning all air travel from the country, which has been the target of a series of deadly attacks.

“We’re trying to make sure that we’re not going to lose all the citizens in the country and we’re going to keep this in mind,” he said.

Sisi’s crackdown comes a day before Egypt hosts the first Gulf Cooperation Council summit, and the first anniversary of the overthrow of the Muslim Brotherhood in 2013.

The country’s economy has been hit hard by the unrest, which saw up to 1,500 killed and millions displaced.

Egypt’s economy, however, has been in freefall since the uprising began in 2011.

Last week, the government declared a national day of mourning to mark the death of the former president Mohamed Morsi.

The US embassy in Cairo has also suspended all business activity in Egypt, and all American nationals and permanent residents have been barred from leaving the country.

Aljazeera’s Samer El-Erian in Cairo contributed to this report.