How the JetBlue travel ban will affect you

Canada’s travel ban on travel to the United States is already being challenged in the courts, with some airlines arguing that the ban is illegal.

Now, some are questioning whether a ban on flights from the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth of Dominica, which are both countries on the list, will also be enforced.

The ban on UK flights from Friday has been lifted, but airlines have been ordered to close early next week.

The U.K. government says that it is reviewing its travel ban to ensure it does not impact British and European citizens travelling to the U.S.

The Commonwealth of Caribbean states are still excluded from the ban.

“We are continuing to work closely with the U,S.

government on the implementation of the [ban] and will not be closing any flights to or from the U of A,” the UK Department of Foreign and Commonwealth Office said in a statement.

While the Commonwealth countries are in the process of making arrangements to allow travel to and from the US, it remains unclear if the ban will still be enforced from the Commonwealth nations.

A spokesperson for the U