What is ‘Capital One Travel Restrictions’?

Capital One travel restrictions can affect people traveling to the United States, Canada, the Caribbean and Mexico.

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Read moreAbout this articleTravel restrictions vary by state and the region in which the state is located.

For example, travel to Florida is not impacted by Capital One Travel restrictions in South Carolina.

But if you’re headed to Florida, you can only travel to one destination, Puerto Rico.

You can see more of Capital One’s travel restrictions in our travel restrictions map.

For those traveling through Puerto Rico, travel restrictions will not apply to the Puerto Rico International Airport.

The restrictions also don’t apply to Puerto Rico-based air carriers, such as JetBlue, United and American Airlines.

For travelers visiting other states, travel is allowed to a number of states including Alaska, Hawaii, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oregon, Utah and Wyoming.

The travel restrictions don’t affect travelers traveling on the Gulf Coast, Alaska, the Canadian and Pacific Coast or Alaska Airlines routes.

There are no Capital One restrictions in Florida.

Capital One is only limiting the number of people allowed to travel to and from the Florida International Airport and not the Florida beaches.