Which are the Massachusetts Travel Restrictions?

The Massachusetts travel restrictions are a pretty broad, and a lot of people are going to think they’re pretty limited.

But as we mentioned in our last piece, there are some pretty broad restrictions that apply to almost everyone in Massachusetts.

You can see them all in the map below.

And while you might not see the restrictions listed here, there’s probably a couple that are.1.


Law and Regulations are a LOT of work2.


Law is a lot easier to enforce3.

Mass., Mass.

Public Health, and Mass.

Food and Drug Administration regulations are less severe, and generally less intrusive4.

Mass and Mass Health are more regulated5.

Mass, Mass.

State Police, and the Mass.

Dept. of Public Health are less restrictive6.

Mass Mass.

and Mass Hospitals are more restrictive7.

Mass is more restrictive than others8.

Mass’ laws on certain drugs are stricter than others9.

Mass does not have an online travel policy, so you can’t check in with your friends at the airport10.

Mass law allows you to have up to three bags in your car, but you cannot have more than three carry-on bags11.

Mass requires you to use a smartphone at your travel destination12.

Mass bans people from owning guns at their destinations13.

Mass prohibits the use of any firearm in the home14.

Mass limits the size of certain firearms15.

Mass only allows people in the state of Massachusetts to possess one handgun, and allows you up to one handgun at a time16.

Mass allows you only to have one beer at a restaurant17.

Mass permits you to bring alcohol into a restaurant, bar, or bar with a valid state permit18.

Mass restricts alcohol sales and consumption19.

Mass forbids the purchase or possession of alcoholic beverages in a public place20.

Mass regulates the sale of certain drugs21.

Mass bars the sale or consumption of certain medications22.

Mass also prohibits the purchase, possession, and sale of marijuana23.

Mass has a limit of five firearms per resident, but the maximum number of firearms allowed per person is 10.

Massachusetts has no limit on the number of guns that can be carried into a state park24.

Mass doesn’t require a permit to purchase or possess ammunition25.

Mass caps the number and types of guns a person can carry into a home26.

Mass prevents the purchase of certain assault weapons.27.

Mass increases the penalties for certain felony crimes, including assault, burglary, and theft28.

Mass imposes a three-year jail sentence for certain misdemeanor offenses, including driving while intoxicated, carrying a concealed weapon, and possessing a controlled substance29.

Massachusetts prohibits the possession of any drug that can have a lethal dose in it30.

Mass applies a six-month jail sentence to anyone who is convicted of a felony that is punishable by up to six years in prison, and if the sentence was imposed on an offense of domestic violence, a one-year prison sentence for each offense.31.

Mass criminalizes certain conduct that doesn’t result in death, or is a lesser-included offense, such as engaging in prostitution32.

Mass creates a new felony of unlawful assault and battery33.

Mass extends the statute of limitations for certain crimes and creates a presumption that a crime is a misdemeanor if the defendant is less than 14 years old34.

Mass makes it illegal to drive while intoxicated35.

Mass suspends the license of anyone who violates any law or regulation in a manner that could lead to a conviction or sentence for a misdemeanor.36.

Mass expands the use and sale and possession of recreational marijuana37.

Mass outlaws certain kinds of animal slaughter and kills certain types of dogs38.

Mass adds to its criminal code the use, possession and trafficking of synthetic drugs39.

Mass raises the age of majority to 21, which applies to some of its laws and is in effect throughout most of the state40.

Mass exempts certain people from some of the criminal penalties for some offenses41.

Mass sets up an office of the Attorney General to handle the enforcement of the law.42.

Mass establishes a national hotline to help residents get help in dealing with certain problems43.

Mass changes its voting laws to allow certain adults to vote if they have been convicted of certain crimes, such a DUI, assault, or kidnapping.44.

Mass gives the state authority to create a lottery to decide which states will get a large share of the national lottery money to help with state budgets.45.

Mass provides a federal gun registration scheme, with the goal of reducing gun-related homicides in the country46.

Mass includes a gun registry in the National Guard Act of 1993, and requires that those who apply for and are approved for a federal firearm registration must also sign a form stating they will never sell a firearm.47.

Mass places a deadline on those seeking to purchase a handgun or a high-capacity magazine, which is one of the most common types of ammunition that is used in crime, but is generally illegal to possess