Travel advice: NZ travel needs to improve

The Travel Industry Association of New Zealand (TIA) is urging travel agencies to develop policies to help promote more reliable travel advice.

Key points: TIA advises all travellers to use an app and website to monitor travel times and travel routesTIA’s travel advice advice comes after a series of deadly incidentsThe group says the travel industry is at a critical stage in terms of improving its safety, customer experience and customer service.

Tia says the app, TravelFinder, is a great tool for travellers to monitor their travel times, and is the perfect solution to monitor where and when they will be travelling.

The group has compiled a travel advice guide for travellers who want to monitor what’s going on in their area, and has compiled their recommendations below.

If you want to be part of this initiative, you can sign up for the TravelFender’s travel alert service.

TravelFenderTravelFinder is an app that can be used to check if your destination is safe for you and your family.

It can also be used as a tool to monitor your travel routes.

It also features a trip history feature so you can check if you’ve been on the same route as someone else, or if your route is already booked.TIA recommends travellers to download the app and follow the instructions on the app to help them monitor their journeys, and check if they have a safe destination.

“The TravelFenders travel alerts are designed to provide information on safety, which will allow travellers to know when to travel and how to prepare for travel,” the TIA statement said.

In recent months, two people have died in New Zealand after being pulled from the ocean after their raft capsized.

One of the men was a member of the Tiki family, a tradition of canoeing that began in Tahiti in the 1960s.

He was the youngest person to die in a rafting accident, and the second to die from hypothermia.

This is a dangerous time for New Zealand tourism, as many tourists are leaving the country due to the Ebola crisis.

Last week, the Government announced it was launching a $1.5 million pilot project to help local governments prevent people from leaving the island to escape the virus.

Read more about the travel advice below.

What you need to know about travel advisories and travel advice: The travel advice comes from the Tia Travel Advice Guide.

Each guide is designed to help travellers to make better informed travel decisions and has specific advice to help ensure your safety.

They also contain travel information to help make sure your trip is safe.

To read the full TravelFiner TravelFiler travel alert, click here.

What’s next for the travel and tourism industry?

The Travel Industry Council is in the process of developing its own travel advice guidance.

For more information, you should check out the Tiamat travel advisory.