When is your best bet to go to Africa?

Travelers in Africa are in for a rude awakening when it comes to travel, with an increasing number of airlines and airports refusing to fly them.

A recent report by the Africa travel site Lonely Planet said the continent is becoming a more congested place and that African airlines have a “poor track record” when it come to security.

Here are some of the top issues that are impacting travelers: Africa is a growing region with more than 200 million people, yet there is a shortage of hotel rooms, taxis and other transportation options.

That’s why Lonely Planet is warning travelers about the increased likelihood of getting stuck in traffic on highways and even in airports. 

“Africa has experienced an increase in traffic congestion and pollution in recent years, and a lack of public transportation and reliable public transport options,” the report said. 

This has created a need for hotels and other lodging providers in the continent to expand their network of hotels. 

The average hotel room in the African region has about 4,200 square feet, compared to 4,700 square feet for the United States, the report added.

In addition, many hotels in Africa, including those in cities like Lagos, Nairobi, Accra and Durban, do not offer free WiFi and internet access. 

Lonely Planet said in the report that the average number of nights stayed per year in Africa has increased by 15% in the past 10 years. 

Another issue for travelers is the lack of adequate security at international airports.

Lonely Planet pointed to the recent attack on a Russian plane on the tarmac at Istanbul’s Ataturk International Airport.

It cited a tweet from a passenger who said she was traveling with a passport from Egypt. 

However, Lonely Planet did not have details on how many other travelers were on the plane. 

And it said it’s unclear how many people are actually traveling to Africa to see wildlife.

 “Although there is an increase of tourists to Africa, there is still a shortage in the number of people who can travel to the continent for wildlife viewing,” the Lonely Planet report said, adding that it has seen increased interest in Africa from those seeking to travel with family members. 

Travelers in South Africa, Nigeria and other African countries have also seen a rise in their numbers of travelers to Africa over the past few years.

In fact, the number in Africa of tourists has more than doubled since 2014. 

According to Lonely Planet, there are a number of issues that can impact travelers and airlines.

The most common problem is a lack and understaffing of security at airports.

For example, there have been no new airport security measures in the last decade, and airport personnel are not trained in how to deal with people who pose a threat to security, the travel site said.