Can you travel to Maui? Travel restrictions on Maui and Hawaii

Travellers on Mauis mainland and Hawaii island should be aware of restrictions on their travel and how to handle any emergencies.

The new rules, announced by the Department of Transportation (DOT) on Wednesday, are designed to improve air quality, reduce traffic congestion and improve safety, according to DOT spokesman Mike Schmuck.

The department also issued an advisory about travel and transportation in the Maui International Airport, a main terminal of the island’s main tourism industry.

Under the new rules:Maui International Airports is now open to the public, and it will be closed to non-essential travel during the duration of the Maua Maui Disaster Relief, Schmock said.

This includes transportation, shopping, dining and other essential services, and will not affect the ability of those travelling on Maua to access Maui’s beaches.

The city of Maui is also opening the city to the general public, but will restrict non-emergency travel.

Maua is currently undergoing a major earthquake and tsunami, which have caused widespread destruction and extensive flooding.

Travelers should use caution, Schmouck said.

There is no known threat to the Mauais main tourist destination.

Mama Maui has issued a travel advisory for residents to ensure that they know what their options are if they have a travel or medical emergency while in Maui.

You can book hotels, air travel, taxis, and other transportation services from the Mauai International Airport until the end of the disaster relief.

The city is currently operating under the Emergency Management Program and there is no longer a designated disaster relief manager, Schmitz said.

The Maui Airport has also closed for the remainder of the week to allow for the evacuation of residents and other emergency personnel.

The airport is currently closed for business, with flights still being scheduled for Wednesday, according the airport.

Anyone who is not in immediate danger should check with local authorities, Schmetz said, and call the Maulei Police Department at 888-939-8387.