Greece’s travel restrictions are going to be in place until at least March 7

Greece’s government announced that it will restrict travel from all the Greek islands until March 7.

The announcement was made on Sunday, the same day that the Greek government imposed a ban on travel from the European Union (EU) member states of Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Malta, Montenegro, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Turkey.

According to the statement, travel restrictions will be in effect until at the earliest of March, 2019.

The country’s parliament approved the new travel restrictions in April, and they have since been extended by a month to April 7.

The new restrictions will apply to all Aegean islands.

The EU imposed travel restrictions for a period of five days in August last year.

The suspension of travel to Greece is due to the country’s EU accession talks, which have not been finalized.

Greece’s EU partners agreed in November to the temporary suspension of the Schengen Area Agreement, which is the principle of free movement of people, goods and capital.